Github adds JSON-LD support

Github has just announced that they’ve adding JSON-LD and support. If you get a pull request via email, and your mail client supports it (like Gmail does), you’ll see an action button shown in the display without having to open the email, like so:

json-ld focus

How does Github do this? With Actions, which use JSON-LD markup. When you get an email from Github, it will now include markup that looks like this:

Programs like Gmail then take that JSON-LD and translate it into a simple action that you can take without opening the email.

Want to know more about JSON-LD?  Take a look here: What is JSON-LD?

That’s a nice step for Github. Since the e-mail is the primary method of notifying the users, saving us some time and easing up the context switching is really welcomed! Go, go Gmail and JSON-LD!