FTP through Finder – There was a problem

Dear Apple,

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 10.26.48 PM

I know that you don’t give a fuck, but i’ve lost two hours understanding why I can connect to my FTP server through command line, through FileZilla, but with Finder which sucks in offering a smooth file manager experience while connected to a FTP server (some may argue and say that Finder just sucks) – There was a problem!

Long story short, cPanel FTP user accounts are not supposed to contain @ in the password. Just because Finder will assume that everything before it is the username and everything after it is the host name. Changing the password and removing the @ remembered me why I shouldn’t use Finder for FTP, SMB and anything other than simple file manager. Oh, what i’ve meant to say is that it worked :)

Now, as you probably would agree that FTP Finder integration is too poor to be used, you can try the best free FileZilla or go Transmit

The Finder is the default file manager and graphical user interface shell used on all Macintosh operating systems. Described in its “About” window as “The Macintosh Desktop Experience”, it is responsible for the launching of other applications, and for the overall user management of files, disks, and network volumes. It was introduced with the first Macintosh computer, and also exists as part of GS/OS on the Apple IIGS. It was significantly redesigned with the release of Mac OS X in 2001, and totally rewritten for Cocoa in 2009.