Keyless SSL™ from CloudFlare

General Cloudflare announced Keyless SSL yesterday to an overwhelmingly positive response. Blogs like Reddit, Hacker News published the news, and people seem interested in knowing more and getting deeper into the technical details. In this blog post we go into extraordinary detail to answer questions about […]

How does SSL/TLS work?

History of SSL/TLS SSL is a protocol with a long history and several versions. First prototypes came from Netscape, when they were developing the first versions of their flagship browser, Netscape Navigator (this browser killed off Mosaic in the early times of the Browser Wars, […]

XSS TXT vulnerability

It seems that it’s pretty easy to perform a XSS attack using TXT Record (Text Record). These records hold free form text of any type. A fully qualified domain name may have many TXT record, and if the string input isn’t escaped, you can […]